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This site has been designed as an introduction to the practice of meditation. You will find a series of blog posts, regularly updated. I will take you through the fundamentals, including breathing techniques, how to set up a designated corner of your home for meditation, and how to deal with distractions.

Under STEPS TO MEDITATION, you will find reference to types and techniques which should help you with the first steps to a sustainable meditation practice. Move to the the ABOUT MEDITATION section when you want to deepen your knowledge of the history and cultural aspects of meditation. Here, you will also find references to current medical evidence which supports the view that regular meditation has a positive effect on our minds and our bodies.

I want to stress the benefits of meditation on the development of young people, so I will be making a strong link between meditation, compassion and caring for the environment. Under the heading FOR YOUNG PEOPLE you will find a collection of poems for children and teenagers that feature endangered species, trashed oceans and the exploitation of wild life for cash. This is an original series of short, quirky poems which I wrote for three Dublin exhibitions, in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

I am also an editor and published academic writer in the field of contemporary religion and interfaith work. So, under the heading RESOURCES, you will find a number of papers which have been published in academic journals. The first of these is on the topic of Compassion, and the second will be a foray into Protest Poetry.

I hope that you will find some of this work useful, and that it will help us all to get through the anxiety of isolation.

Please note that I have set up this site so that comments and enquiries will not appear on its public face. If, however, you have questions or suggestions, then connect using the mail address below. I will attempt to reflect your questions in a way that does not disclose your identity.

Let’s build something together.

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