Dancing at the Crossroads

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Neurons Dancing

I hope that you are finding the ABOUT MEDITATION section of this blog useful. I will add to it as we go on. Meditation is first and foremost a practice. It is the consistency and regularity of your meditation practice that will bring benefits to body and mind.

However, we are not magicians, nor are we dispensers of a wholly mysterious or esoteric process. A healthy approach to anything we commit ourselves to ought to include an enquiring and critical attitude. Actually, that is one of the aims of this teaching site; to nurture a sense of autonomy within each one of us, a trust in our own inner strength. That way, others can lean on us when they need to. So, let’s explore the delightful idea that regular meditation builds up our neurological pathways.

Medical scientists now have evidence that meditation alters the frequency of our brainwaves. The brain slows down, allowing us to move into a state of calm awareness. One of the most remarkable claims made by neuroscientists concerns the way that the two halves of our brain work together. Remember that the right half is the motor for creativity; the left side for analytical, linear thinking.

Now neurological experts have found that meditation builds up pathways back and forth from the creative hemisphere to the logical half.

As I see it, that allows a whole new kind of conversation to be generated among meditation people. Linear thinking meets squiggly thinking. Non-scientists like me see it as the ability to think outside the box!

So, how will we teach young people to discern truth from not-truth? This is one of the most important task that face us, more pressing now that there is a certain amount of desperation to find saviours (either political or religious).

Well, we will listen to our children and grandchildren, so that we become familiar with their fears. And we will check that the stories they hear at school , or among their peers are edifying, not stultifying.

And always, always, we will share with them levity, that blessed ability to keep things in perspective, so that they can laugh at us…and at themselves.

You will find a new poem under FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. Loosely based on The Salmon of Knowledge, it is an encouragement to young people to think outside of tradition and myth.

Meditation for the day

have compassion for your overloaded mind

it is full of stuff that you forgot you even put there

slow down your breathing for your mind’s sake

watch as your thoughts are calmed

feel the peace throughout your body

in your neck and head

in your limbs, right down to your toes


imagine your neurons

criss-crossing from left to right and back again

with a new sense of freedom to roam

imagine the creative side celebrating

have compassion for your logical side

which, to be honest, gets blamed for all the boring things


if you let them

your neurons will dance with you at every crossroads


it’s up to you which pathway you choose


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