Love is in the detail

Great art picks up where nature ends.

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works

If from the head, almost nothing

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall died this day in 1985. His work strikes me as being an apt signal for the idea that hope can rise out of despair; and that love can go on in the midst of evil. It is known that Chagall was inspired by music; by Bach and Mozart, but also by the music of the Hasidic Jewish community of his youth. It is quite remarkable that Chagall was able to create such colour and light in the context of Nazi barbarism. Yet, over and over again, the art that he produced sings, not only with joy and beauty, but also with innocence. He is often quoted as saying that he drew on the well-spring of love, not its opposite. That is another definition of compassion.

The practice of regular meditation can be thought of as an oasis or spring, whether we live in a desert or in the urban dryness of the city’s constant activity. The point is that the spring is within each one of us, it is not in a place inaccessible or other-worldly. The most remarkable thing is this: the more we nourish ourselves from the spiritual stores within us, the more we add to the sum of the universal creative life-force because there is no end to the flow of spiritual energy that began with the creation of the world.

Meditation for the day

Take a moment to come fully into your peaceful space

be aware of your body

feel that the top of your head is suspended by a connecting thread

relax your neck

stretch each limb and then let it rest

palms on your knees with thumbs gently touching

feel the curve of your spine

and plant your feet so that you are aware of being grounded

breathing in


breathing out


let your gaze rest on Chagall’s stained glass

on the depth of blue

on fragments of glass made into a unity

See the eye of the bird

Is this the eye of compassion?

breathing in


breathing out


Gazing is a kind of seeing with the heart

Let all thoughts go now…

until all that remains is the gaze of your heart

breathing in


breathing out




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