No Thing is Single

nothing in the world is single

all things by a law divine

in one another’s being mingle

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Starting on Monday 23rd March, I will post a series of lessons on how to get started with meditation. I will take you through the fundamentals of: setting up a personal space. I will explain three different breathing techniques so that you find the one that most suits you, and I will pass on tips about dealing with external distractions.

Then, I will close the week by introducing the idea of visualisation and provide you with an original visualisation script which you will be able to download.

For now, let me offer you this reflection on Shelley’s line “nothing in the world is single”.

It has become a truism that we are all connected, and that the destiny of one is the destiny of all as we struggle to share the resources of the planet. But our understanding of that fact is now hitting us far more clearly as old enemies pale into insignificance in the face of a pandemic. We are being corralled into a new kind of solidarity. If that solidarity turns out to be merely pragmatic, then we will have learned nothing of value from Covid 19.

However, I choose to hope that, in the new world order that is inevitable post-Covid, more people will live in full acknowledgment of Shelley’s insight that nothing in this world is single. We have no choice but to mingle in each other’s being. But it is up to us to make of that a heaven or a hell.


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