Dr Celia Grace Dip BSoM

I have spent a lifetime researching and writing about the intersection of spirituality, politics and human well-being, and been published in edited collections and journals. My involvement in the art and practice of meditation is the culmination of many strands of life and work. In this world of diversity and constant change, I believe that regular meditation has the capacity to make us more fully aware of the creative power that resides within us. The more we understand our inner being, the more readily we will treat others with compassion. I have set up this site in response to global anxiety in the face of Covid 19. The pandemic currently poses very real challenges to mental health and well-being. My intention is to provide ancient and contemporary cultural and religious resources which might strengthen us as individuals and in communities.

Compassion is a Way of Being


Under the guidance of a qualified teacher, you will practise a range of meditation techniques, learn something about the history of mindfulness, and become familiar with the growing body of medical evidence which suggests that regular meditation is beneficial to both body and mind.
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